90’s denim jacket


Hopefully this week isn’t so chilly so I still can upload more and more outfits! Pale pink and pale denim colour was a perfect pastel combination. Bring a 90’s denim jacket with you or tie it around your waist to level up your outfit and make it more casual.
Ps: wish I had all of these cactuses at my home garden..
I am a sucker for cactuses!

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All about black and grey


As time goes by, my plans for the winter are coming closer and closer. Silver-wear combined with some shades of black is the easiest choice for me. Add me on snapchat cause I am literally obsessed with this app lately and I upload loads of stuff every day. Wish I had more battery life hahah. 

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Nanokeratin treatment review

My first experience in collaboration with Andreas coiffures & Nanokeratin system was successful 100%. If you really need something to change the whole philosophy of your curly hair in order to make them more straight and manageable; then you have to try this treatment.

My natural hair is curly and thin so I have serious breakages and occasional hair loss.
After the treatment I feel my hair smoother, 70% more straight than before, thicker & shinier. I only use heat for some specific tufts of hair and now I can grow them faster than ever.
I totally recommend this treatment if you use enough heat weekly or you just want to make your hair smoother

A sneak peak of the Nanokeratin process


My hair after washing them for the first time:


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A day at the beach



A peaceful morning at the beach was all I needed after a long week burning in the city. This post is all about “what to wear at the beach” in order to hide your curves in a smart way & make your look sloppy but “put together” at the same time.

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Vacations in Zakynthos/Greece


Last month I visited Zakynthos (Greece) one of the most famous Ionian islands. Zakynthos is known for the deep blue -turquoise seas; for the famous Shipwreck beach (Navagio); for the Caretta caretta sea turtles; and all the other countless amazing spots.

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