How to wear a black maxi dress in the morning


You just bought your favourite maxi dress and you feel like wearing it immediately? Same here! You can put on a long blouse over the dress of your choice. It’s better to be the same colour as the dress and you can add some accessories such as a beanie, a fancy bag/purse or printed shoes.
(All) black everything as always.. 😉

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Christmas dinner outfit


Rushing to find the perfect outfit for the Christmas dinner with the family/friends? Everyone does! You thing “this is inappropriate for them” “but this suits me well” so I combined some clothes for me to feel comfortable in every dinner occasion.

Forgot to mention today is the 25th of December so Merry Christmas to you all!!!
make the most of it!

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My favourite pancakes in town


You know there is no excuse for not eating pancakes. You HAVE to be full of Christmas spirit so follow the steps:

1. Eat pancakes at home
2. Eat pancakes at work
3. Eat pancakes after your workout
4. Eat pancakes everywhere

Obviously not really kidding but my favourite pancakes in town are served by “New York Sandwiches” in the center of Athens. Give them a try and soon I’ll post more of brunch goodies.

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How to follow trends and layer jeans


One of the upcoming trends of spring summer 2016 is called “Girly“. How can I not follow this trend when the most of my clothes are dark and I’m such little girl(?). Denim layering and layering in general is probably something which reminds you the 90’s but it’s so in right now. 

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The camel coat


Is it Monday Tuesday or Wednesday and you’re feeling so bored that you can’t even raise your 5th finger? ME TOO! So dress up as simple as you can and add a long structure coat. You are ready and you don’t know it yet

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