What to wear at the gym

gym wear

Autumn is the season where the body is changing to the worst because summer is over and so is tan and fitness. In autumn skin gets lighter, hair gets darker, body gets out of shape and these are the results of  the new season’s coming. Most of the people start going to the gym or work out at home. There are a lot of excuses that you will find until you cancel your w.o.d . Your biggest excuse is that you don’t have anything to wear. Appearance is very important for everyone even if they go out for 3 minutes. Gym is the place that you are going to sweat and have messy hair, so..

-First make a high or low ponytail  or a braid 
to avoid the messy hair after working out. Before that, use hair silker to avoid dead ends and breakage. Wear comfortable clothes such as leggings, tights, running shoes, sports bra and regular tops. I prefer cotton tops and  I don’t recommend wide legged tracksuits because you give much more effort to move. Make up isn’t necessary but you can use concealer to cover up your tired face. Drink a lot of water after working out to hydrate your body. Bring your smile and you are almost ready.
The feeling you get after working out is invaluable. Living healthy makes you feel happier, prettier and full of energy so don’t let that chance slip by!

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