How to make healthy smoothies at home

Note: I don’t use a lot of different ingredients because I want a simple and also delicious result.

1. FRUIT SMOOTHIEsmoothie_how_toMy pink smoothie is made of:
1 sliced Banana
 Coconut or coconut milk (1 cup) –
Water (1/2 cup)
Ice (if you like)

 The results…




My green smoothie is made of:
Spinach (and everything else with green colour in your fridge) ( 2 cups)
Coconut milk or cow milk (1 cup)
Greek yogurt (some teaspoons)
Water (1 cup)
1 sliced Mango or Carrots 

-The results…


  •  If you are not a smoothie fun yet; remember that:

1. Healthy smoothies are made of row and healthy ingredients that consist of vitamins such as A, B, C, E.

2. These smoothies can make your skin and hair very shiny and better than ever.

3. Is an easy and cheap snack that you can make it on your own.

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